Daftar Ebook K3 Perpustakaan Pribadi

Koleksi Ebook K3
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Daftar Ebook K3 Perpustakaan Pribadi

Oleh: Muhyidin, SKM

Berikut ini Daftar Ebook K3 Perpustakaan Pribadi. Bagi sobat semua yang memerlukannya silahkan komen disini (sebutkan nama, pekerjaan dan tujuannya), nanti link GoogleDrive nya akan dikirim via email. Ebook ini adalah koleksi pribadi dan dibagikan secara terbatas bagi mahasiswa/dosen/peneliti/praktisi yang memerlukannya yang saya simpan di dalam GoogleDrive.

Persyaratannya yaitu:

  1. Dilarang memperjualbelikan/mengkomersialisasikan ebook tersebut
  2. Maksimum request yaitu 2 ebook/orang ya. Silahkan dipilih yang paling diperlukan saja

Note: seiring berjalannya waktu, mudah-mudahan bisa saya update list tersebut.

E-book NFPA

No.Tahun TerbitPengarangJudul Ebook
12022NFPANFPA 15: Standard for Water Spray Fixed Systems for Fire Protection 2022 Edition
22021NFPANFPA 1: Fire Code
32021NFPANFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations
42021NFPANFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code 2021 edition
52021NFPANFPA 497: Recommended Practice for the Classification of Flammable Liquids, Gases, or Vapors and of Hazardous (Classified)
62021NFPANFPA 3: Standard for Commissioning of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems 2021 edition
72021NFPANFPA 99: Health Care Facilities Code 2021 edition
82021NFPANFPA 5000: Building Construction and Safety Code 2021 Edition
92021NFPANFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace 2021 Edition
102020NFPANFPA 70: National Electrical Code
112020NFPANFPA 780: Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems 2020 edition
122020NFPANFPA 25: ITM of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems Handbook 2020 edition
132019NFPANFPA 77: Recommended Practice on Static Electricity
142019NFPANFPA 400: Hazardous Materials Code
152019NFPANFPA 20 and NFPA 14: Stationary Fire Pumps and Standpipe Systems Handbook
162019NFPANFPA 51B: Standard for Fire Prevention during Hotwork
172019NFPANFPA 13: Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems 2019 edition
182019NFPANFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code 2019 edition
192018NFPANFPA 70E: Electrical Safety in the Workplace
202018NFPANFPA 79: Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery 2018 Edition

Update Ebook NFPA

  • NFPA 400: Hazardous Materials Code. 2019 Edition
  • NFPA 92: Standard for Smoke Control Systems. 2021 Edition
  • NFPA 90A: Standard for the Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems. 2021 Edition
  • NFPA 92: Standard for Smoke Control Systems. 2021 Edition
  • NFPA 79: Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery. 2021 Edition

E-book ACGIH

No.Tahun TerbitPengarangJudul Ebook
12021ACGIHTLVs and BEIs Based on the Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances and Physical Agents & Biological Exposure Indices
22020ACGIHTLVs and BEIs Based on the Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances and Physical Agents & Biological Exposure Indices

Update ACGIH

32024ACGIHTLVs and BEIs Based on the Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances and Physical Agents & Biological Exposure Indices

E-book Prof.Erick Hollnagel

No.Tahun TerbitPengarangJudul Ebook
12005Erick Hollnagel and David D. WoodsJoint Cognitive Systems – Foundations of Cognitive Systems Engineering
22006Erik Hollnagel, David D. Woods and Nancy LevesonResilience Engineering – Concepts and Precepts
32008Erick HollnagelHandbook of Cognitive Task Design
42009Erick HollnagelThe ETTO Principle: Efficiency-Thoroughness Trade-Off_Why Things That Go Right Sometimes Go Wrong
52010Erick HollnagelSafer Complex Industrial Environments – A Human Factors Approach
62011Erik Hollnagel, Jean Pariès, David D. Woods and John WreathallResilience Engineering in Practice_A Guidebook
72012Erick HollnagelFRAM: The Functional Resonance Analysis Method Modelling Method – Modelling Complex Socio-Technical Systems
82014Erick HollnagelSafety-I and Safety-II – The Past and Future of Safety Management
92014Christopher P. Nemeth and Erik HollnagelResilience Engineering in Practice Volume 2 – Becoming Resilient
102018Erick HollnagelSafety-II in Practice – Developing the Resilience Potentials

E-book Human Factors

No.Tahun TerbitPengarangJudul Ebook
11994Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)Guideline for Preventing Human Error in Process Safety
22000Tom Cox, Amanda Griffiths, Euseblo Rial-GonzalexModel Research on Work-Related Stress
32004Wickens Lee Liu Gordon-BeckerAn Introduction to Human Factors Engineering, Second Edition
42005Neville A.Stanton, Paul M.Salmon, Guy H.Walker, dkkHuman Factors Methods – A Practical Guide for Engineering and Design
52010World Health Organization (WHO)Health Impact of Psychosocial Hazard at Work – An Overview
62010Stavroula Laka and Jonathan HoudmontOccupational Health Psychology
72014Neville A.Stanton, Paul M.Salmon, Laura A.Rafferty, dkkHuman Factors Methods_A Practical Guide for Engineering and Design_2nd Edition
82016A.Ian Glendon and Sharon ClarkeHuman Safety and Risk Management – A Phychological Perspective, Third Edition
92016J.Robert TaylorHuman Error in Process Plant Design and Operations_A Practitioner’s Guide
102016Hersh ShefrinBehavioral Risk Management – Managing the Phychology that Drives Decisions and Influences Operational Risk
112016International Labor Organization (ILO)Psychosocial Risk, Stress and Violence in the World of Work
122017Steven Shorrock, Claire WilliamsHuman Factors and Ergonomics in Practice Improving System Performance and Human Well-Being in the Real World
132018R.S. BridgerIntroduction to Human Factors and Ergonomics, Fourth Edition
142018Robert W. Proctor, Trisha Van ZandtHuman Factors in Simple and Complex Systems

E-book Sidney Dekker

No.Tahun TerbitPengarangJudul Ebook
12015Sidney DekkerSafety Differently – Human Factors for a New Era, Second Edition
22014Sidney DekkerThe Field Guide to Understanding Human Error
32019Sidney DekkerFoundations of Safety Science – A Century of Understanding Accidents and Disasters
42005Sidney DekkerTen Questions About Human Error – A New View of Human Factors and System Safety

E-book James Reason

No.Tahun TerbitPengarangJudul Ebook
12016James ReasonOrganizational Accidents Revisited
21997James ReasonManaging the Risks of Organizational Accidents
32013James ReasonA Life in Error – from Little Slips to Big Disasters
41990James ReasonHuman Error
52008James ReasonThe Human Contribution – Unsafe Acts, Accidents and Heroic Recoveries

E-book Industrial Hygiene

No.Tahun TerbitPengarangJudul Ebook
11998Roger L.WabekeAir Contaminants and Industrial Hygiene Ventilation A Handbook of Practical Calculations, Problems, and Solutions
22002Barbara A.Plog & Patricia J.QuinlanFundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 5th Edition
32006HSEGuide to Good Practice on Whole-Body Vibration
42016DOSH Ministry of Human Resources MalaysiaGuidelines on Heat Stress Management at Workplace 2016
52017Frances Alston et alIndustrial Hygiene – Improving Worker Health Through an Operational Risk Approach
62019IPIECA, IOGPHealth Management in the Oil and Gas Industry – A Guide for the Oil and Gas Industry

E-book Kesehatan Masyarakat & K3

No.Tahun TerbitPengarangJudul Ebook
12001Jan Dui & Bernard WeedmeesterErgonomics for Beginners – A Quick Reference Guide, Second Edition
22005National Cancer InstituteTheory at a Glance – A Guide for Health Promotion Practice
32008Karen Glanz et alHealth Behavior and Health Education – Theory, Research, and Practice, 4th Edition
42012HaSPA (Health and Safety Professional Alliance), Safety Institute of AustraliaThe Core Body of Knowledge for Generalist OHS Professionals
52013Tom L.Beauchamp & James F.ChildressPrinciples of Biomedical Ethics

E-book ISO

No.Tahun TerbitPenerbitJudul Ebook
12018BSIISO 31000:2018 on Risk Management Guidelines

E-book FM Global

No.Tahun TerbitPenerbitJudul Ebook
12013FM GlobalFM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets 10-3
22010FM GlobalP0037_FM Global. 2010. Understanding the hazard_lack of automatic sprinkler
32015FM GlobalP9802_FM Global. 2015. Don’t Get Burned by Hot Work

E-book SPSS Handbook

No.Tahun TerbitPenerbitJudul Ebook
12010SAGEIntroductory Statistics for Health & Nursing using SPSS
22014CRC PressHandbook of Univariate and Multivariate Data Analysis with IBM SPSS
32014BMJ BooksMedical Statistics A Guide to SPSS, Data Analysis and Critical Appraisal
42015John Wiley & Sons, Inc.SPSS Statistics For Dummies
52016SAGEBasic SPSS Tutorial by Manfred te Grotenhuis
62019Taylor & FrancisIBM SPSS Statistics 25 Step By Step A Simple Guide And Reference

Semoga bermanfaat ya koleksi ebook tersebut

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